About Me

Hi! I am Mandee Mills.
I am in the business of expansion.  A believer that this life is a beautiful journey and we are here to grow and connect.  I didn’t always know this about myself.  It took many life experiences (childhood trauma, infertility, adoption, betrayal trauma, divorce, mental health struggles and losing loved ones) to come into this knowing and it is time to share what I have learned and continue to learn with you.  If you have found me, I believe it is because you are already on a growth path yourself.
I am a gatherer and connector, a seer of potential, an eternal student and teacher of healing the body, mind and spirit.  I am blessed to live an abundant life and possess a strong desire to share the learning I have done with those who feel a connection to receiving it.
So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get together…I would love to connect through one of the following ways…
~Footzonology or Facezonology, let me help you balance your entire body or mind through a series of signals in the feet or the face.  
~ Pilates or TRX Coaching, fitness modalities that will keep you feeling and looking your best.
~ Wellness Coaching, an in depth look and support with the story that keeps you feeling stuck and living out of alignment.  Is it mindset, stress, some unwanted event that you didn’t want to be part of your story?  I have tools for that and I can teach you how to add them to your toolbox.
~ Retreats, there is no better way to find growth and connection than to get outside of your comfort zone, travel to a new destination, learn and apply the tools from the toolbox in person and make new friends with other women who are coming into awareness and consciousness just like you.  Join me, and others for a magical and transformative experience that you will remember with fondness for years to come.



"I loved my time at Mandee's retreat. She has a gift for hosting these kinds of events. Every detail was perfect."

Mindi S.
Farmington, UT

"My favorite part? The Sync Up Method used in this process is full of Grace for both my Inner Child & the people & experiences that injured her.

Cara S.
South Weber, UT

Mandee has been a beautiful support & guide for me on my journey to connect more fully to my inner child & inner being.

Sheree C.
Arvada, CO

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Mandee. She will bless you with growth & beautiful change.

Kristen N.
Ogden, UT