Pilates & TRX Coaching
At Studio Inhale Exhale, we specialize in achieving a mind-body connection through fitness modalities that include:
 Pilates -  A fusion of classical and contemporary pilates moves are used to increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone particularly in the core muscles of your body, enhanced muscular control and strength on both sides of your body.  
TRX Suspension Training - A versatile, strength workout using body weight that is used to train flexibility, balance, and coordination.  TRX training engages the whole body and improves cardio and strength.  
Our training is suitable for all levels.  We have coached Adult Athletes, Student Athletes, Dancers, and Fitness Enthusiasts from 14-89 years of age. 
At Studio Inhale Exhale we have extensive certifications in the following areas:
Pilates Teaching
Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, and Mat Pilates.
TRX Coaching
Small Group Training
Advanced Group Training
Functional Training (kettlebell, medicine ball, battle rope, speed rope)
Sports Medicine
RIP Training
We are prepared to support you in your fitness journey!



"I loved my time at Mandee's retreat. She has a gift for hosting these kinds of events. Every detail was perfect."

Mindi S.
Farmington, UT

"My favorite part? The Sync Up Method used in this process is full of Grace for both my Inner Child & the people & experiences that injured her.

Cara S.
South Weber, UT

Mandee has been a beautiful support & guide for me on my journey to connect more fully to my inner child & inner being.

Sheree C.
Arvada, CO

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Mandee. She will bless you with growth & beautiful change.

Kristen N.
Ogden, UT