Why Wellness Retreats

I’ll never forget the first retreat I ever attended.  I went to Bali for 12 days on a yoga retreat with my sister.  Can we talk about getting out of my comfort zone.  I left my then husband and 2 children and wondered how they would get along without me for 12 days.  It was an adventure I will never forget.  I laughed, I cried, I shared what was on my heart and in my mind, I did yoga for the first time (4 hours a day), my sister and I bonded over eating new foods, experiencing new places and learning the culture of the Balinese people.  The colors, the smells, the excitement my heart felt, the frustration over being a beginner at yoga…I was an expert at Pilates, why did yoga feel so hard???, the experiential connection that was felt as our group of 12 hiked 8 miles in the middle of the night to stand on top of Mt. Batur as the sun rose.  It was incredible, and true to my life’s passion of expansion, I wanted other’s hearts and minds to experience growth like that.  So five and half years later I bring you my brand of retreats. 
They will include learning, magical experiences, fun, fitness, tools to live a more aligned, conscious life, and a chance to get outside of your comfort zone, stretch and grow a little or a lot, and to make friends that will be on the new level of awareness that you have just risen to.  God will be in the details of this and as He does will bring just the ones that you are meant to connect with at this time.  I know this because I have experienced it at every retreat I have attended since that first one.



"I loved my time at Mandee's retreat. She has a gift for hosting these kinds of events. Every detail was perfect."

Mindi S.
Farmington, UT

"My favorite part? The Sync Up Method used in this process is full of Grace for both my Inner Child & the people & experiences that injured her.

Cara S.
South Weber, UT

Mandee has been a beautiful support & guide for me on my journey to connect more fully to my inner child & inner being.

Sheree C.
Arvada, CO

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Mandee. She will bless you with growth & beautiful change.

Kristen N.
Ogden, UT